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DEI & B Co-Chair Bourke Speaks at Juneteenth Event

Nonotuck Placement Specialist Nichole Bourke recently spoke during The Association of Developmental Disabilities Providers (ADDP)’s Juneteenth event during its membership meeting June 18. The event revolved around the theme of “Remembrance, Celebration, and Respect,” and highlighted the importance of intersectionality, and the power of voting. Nichole was previously honored—alongside Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Co-Chair Jannelle Robinson— with the 2022 ADDP DEIB Award.

Dr. Jessica Pebble, Chief Diversity and Culture Officer at RFK Community Alliance, and Sean Rose, President and CEO of Thrive and Co-Chair of the ADDP DEIB Board Committee also spoke alongside Nichole. Recorded remarks were also provided by Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell.

“As there are many people who are new to the idea of Juneteenth, I believe it is important to keep providing awareness.  The hope is for people to begin their own research into America’s history.  We are never too old to learn,” Nichole says. “The ADDP Juneteenth celebration was a highlight of how far we have come and the work that needs to continue.  It is important for our voices to be heard and that can be done by the power of voting!”

In addition to her work as a Placement Specialist, Nichole is also co-chair of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee. Watch the session above.

“(Through shared living) people with a disability experience a real transformation and discover confidence in themselves; they discover their capacity to make choices, and also find a certain liberty and above all their dignity as human beings.”

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