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Jessie Beland

Care Manager

With Nonotuck Since: 2022
(413) 588-7217

Jessie started working in the human services field in 2010. After experiencing several years of upward mobility and promotion through hard work and determination, Jessie has assumed several roles included a program manager of 24-hour residences, a team lead coordinator for a mental health community outreach team, a program director for a day program that serves individuals living with TBI/ABI, and most recently a Care Manager for Nonotuck’s Shared Living Program. Jessie is graduating from UMASS UWW June 2024, with her degree in Social Work Contextual Rehabilitation.

Jessie is working in the world of social work and social support because she feels everyone has a “place at the table” so to speak. Some just need extra support to find their seat and she feels very lucky, honored, and blessed to be able to help them find their spot. Her favorite food is baked ziti, and her hobbies are hiking, biking, playing with her dog Delmar, crafting with resin, playing her guitar, and embroidery.

Jessie brings her experience in the field, her humor, and her passion to the table at Nonotuck.

Laurie Bell

Care Manager

With Nonotuck since: 2002

Laurie has been with Nonotuck since December 2002. She was an Care Manager. Laurie recently was promoted to Case Manager for the AFC program in 2011. Prior to working with Nonotuck, she was a certified Medical Assistant and also did direct care. Outside of work, Laurie enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

  • Email: bell@nonotuck.com
  • Phone: 413-588-2969

Nichole Bourke

Placement Specialist

With Nonotuck since: 2015

  • Email: bourke@nonotuck.com

Jennifer Brathwaite

Direct Support Professional

With Nonotuck Since: 2023


Heidi Bressette

Care Manager

With Nonotuck since: 2012

A Nonotuck shared living provider since 2012, Heidi took on a new role as a Nonotuck staff Care manager in 2019. With a human services career stretching back to 1984, Heidi is passionate about her new day-to-day, hands-on role working with clients. Her shared living experience gives her a unique and broadened perspective as a Care Manager. Heidi spends her off time walking her dog, shopping, decorating her home and spending quality time with family and friends, including traveling to see her daughter in Boston. At work and home, she is inspired by the Van Gogh quote "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

  • Email: bressette@nonotuck.com
  • Phone: 413-588-7147

Nikki Cannici

Care Manager

With Nonotuck since: 2010

Nikki Cannici joined our team at Nonotuck in 2010, having spent years prior as a Special Education Teacher in New York City. Nikki has enjoyed living in and traveling to many places in the U.S., Central America, and Europe over the past several years, but is very happy to call Western Massachusetts her home. When she is not working, Nikki’s passions include spending time with her family, being with nature, and horseback riding. Nikki received her B.A. at Mt. Holyoke College and her M.S. Ed. at Bank Street College of Education.

  • Email: cannici@nonotuck.com
  • Phone: 413-387-3004

Julie Chartier, RN

Registered Nurse

With Nonotuck Since: 2007


(413) 588-2967

Janine Conklin

Program Director

With Nonotuck since: 2016

  • Email: conklin@nonotuck.com

Donaven Gibbs

Care Manager

With Nonotuck Since: 2022


(413) 727-5731

Wanda Hogan

Care Manager

With Nonotuck Since: 2022

Wanda Hogan has worked in the human service field since 2010, and has worked as a Care Manager for Nonotuck since 2022. She has always been interested in helping others, which drew her to a career in the field, and to Nonotuck.

Outside of work, she enjoys shopping, traveling, and trying new recipes.

Carrie Husted

Care Manager

With Nonotuck since: 2015

Carrie graduated from UMass Amherst in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing (BDIC program). She has since been a Day Care and Pre-School teacher, run a tutoring center, and worked with children and families with mental health and behavior difficulties. She started at Nonotuck as a Care Manager in September of 2015. On the weekends she enjoys playing Disc Golf, seeing live music, and hanging out with her teenage daughter. Carrie finds her work in Shared Living to be quite rewarding as she is constantly inspired by the loving nature of her Providers.
  • Email: husted@nonotuck.com

Kate Jones, RN

Registered Nurse

With Nonotuck Since: 2022

Kate Jones RNhas worked in the human service field since 2012, and has worked at Nonotuck ResourceAssociates since 2022. She brings her years of nursing experience—as well as anopen-minded attitude—to her work at Nonotuck.

Outside of work, Kate enjoys reading, hiking, and knitting. Herfavorite motivational quote is: “Refuse mediocrity at all costs.”


(413) 270-3588

Vivette Kamgang

Care Manager

With Nonotuck Since: 2021


(413) 320-7095

Swalha Kibodya

Direct Support Professional

With Nonotuck Since: 2023


Edward Lattrell



Emily O'Boyle, RN

Registered Nurse
With Nonotuck since: 2020

Sometimes called Emmers, Emily started in the human service field in 2010. She says she’s a natural- born caregiver who is inspired by assisting others to care for themselves. She was drawn to Nonotuck’s promotion of independent, loving, respectful relationships between caregivers and persons with disabilities. When she’s not at work, Emily enjoys reading novels, hanging out at the beach, and spending time with friends. Her favorite memory is of staying over at her grandparents’ house with her cousins and picking blueberries before breakfast. "Papa gave the biggest pancake to whoever got back first!” she says. A potato chip fan, Emily likes listening to a wide variety of music, but particularly enjoys 90s grunge. She is inspired by the Maya Angelou quote, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

    Email: oboyle@nonotuck.com
    Phone: 413-588-1721

Wynde Rose, RN

Registered Nurse


Natalie Rossoshanskiy

Program Administrative Assistant

With Nonotuck Since: 2023


Giovanna Scirocco

Care Manager
With Nonotuck Since: 2021

Giovanna "Gio" Scirocco began working in the field of human services in 2019 and returned in 2021. Giovanna believes that everyone deserved a positive and fulfilling human experience and wants to help to achieve this. She wanted to be part of an organization whose core values are compassionate and caring as well as offering an authentic life experience to individuals.

Her favorite food is Sushi and she appreciates all genres of music. During her leisure time, Giovanna likes to hike and be outside in nature. Her favorite quote is “ when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”- Victor Frankly.

Her favorite life memory is the day she moved from Italy, watching the huge airplanes, feeling a great sense of adventure and excitement towards this new experience at 8 years old.

Giovanna believes that laughter needs to be part of everyday life and wants to add a sense of humor to the Nonotuck Community.

Dan Shafer


With Nonotuck since: 2009

Daniel J. Shafer, M.Ed., joined Nonotuck Resource Associates in 2009 as a Senior Qualified PBS Clinician. Dan received a BA in special education from Boston College and a master’s in organizational development and human services from UMass/Amherst. In addition, he completed a CAGS program at WSU and is licensed to teach people with Intensive Needs. Dan has worked for over 48 years in Western Massachusetts both as a special educator in numerous local school districts and as a behavioral consultant. His practice has been focused on developing holistic and person-centered plans that seek to support everyone’s aspirations and desire to live and work in the community. Dan is a practitioner of gentle teaching and is committed to using positive approaches (PBS) when engaging someone who has challenging behaviors. His commitment is to nourish relationship and works with the power of engagement to stimulate dialogue and expression. Never working in isolation, Dan encourages all participants to contribute to the evolution of healthy interactions. His teaching background allows for creative and educative initiatives that seek to accommodate the unique learning needs of the people we serve. In addition, he has been on the faculty at Holyoke Community College as well as Westfield State University teaching various courses in their disability programs. Dan has presented at both state level and national conferences and continues to have small private practice as time allows. He lives in Belchertown with his wife, Therese.

  • Email: shafer@nonotuck.com
  • Phone: 413-588-2000

Patricia Sheekey, RN

Registered Nurse

With Nonotuck Since: 2023


(413) 588-4876

Katelyn Shurtleff

Care Manager

With Nonotuck since: 2016

  • Email: otto@nonotuck.com
  • Phone: 413-588-4723

Monalisa Smith

Assistant Program Director

With Nonotuck since: 2015

  • Email: longmore@nonotuck.com

Joemiliz Torres-Rivera

Assistant Program Director

With Nonotuck Since: 2023


Janet Yurko

VP of Residential Services, Western Region

With Nonotuck Since: 2022

Dan Zimmerman

Care Manager

With Nonotuck since: 1991

Dan is a lifelong resident of Franklin County who has enjoyed a strong connection with Nonotuck since June of 1991. This is when he sought a meaningful career change and began providing direct care through Nonotuck. In the fall of 1993, Dan became integrally involved with the agency’s transition to Shared Living and has been working on policy development and implementation as part of Nonotuck’s administrative team ever since. He is a DDS and AFC Care Manager, a Human Rights Officer, an agency trainer (and an animal lover, nature photographer, avid golfer and a dancer of questionable quality!) and has enjoyed membership on myriad committees during his tenure with Nonotuck. Dan never fails to find his commitment to Nonotuck’s ideals and his own personal values endlessly renewed through his close and ongoing contact with caregivers and individuals as they craft their own rich and meaningful lives together..

  • Email: zimmerman@nonotuck.com
  • Phone: 413-588-2003

“(Through shared living) people with a disability experience a real transformation and discover confidence in themselves; they discover their capacity to make choices, and also find a certain liberty and above all their dignity as human beings.”

Caregiving with Love:
Guide for Shared Living Providers

Learn how Nonotuck developed a love-based ideology of care. We started our shared living program as an alternative to group homes for people with disabilities. Instead, Shared Living creates genuine life transformation for people with disabilities, as well as families and communities. The true power of caregiving is found through hospitality, authenticity, and love.

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