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Who We Are


Nonotuck offers Shared Living, Adult Family Care, and personalized day services for people with disabilities. Each of our services is dedicated to our mission of providing people with disabilities a choice, a voice and the opportunity to live authentic lives.

We provide support and services at locations in Boston and across Massachusetts and we are the largest shared living organization in the state. 


Our Values


We want the people we support to live their most genuine lives with authentic relationships and opportunities and for them to be empowered to make their own choices.


Mutuality of love and respect.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved, and to feel they are being seen, heard and realized, regardless of abilities.



Caregivers and persons with disabilities are dependent on each other as they would be in any strong relationship or friendship. They can rely on each other for mental, physical and emotional support.



When we can be seen as our true selves or see others as who they truly are, we can live authentically and whole-heartedly. Allowing ourselves to be open is being vulnerable, and yet courageous.



Nonotuck was established in 1972 as a group living home for individuals with disabilities. As the ideal models of care have evolved, so have Nonotuck’s services, with perhaps the biggest leap being the shift from group homes to shared living.

Shared living has its roots in the L’Arche movement, founded in 1964 in France by philosopher, theologian, and humanitarian Jean Vanier. Inspired by the L’Arche communities he had visited, Nonotuck CEO George Fleischner introduced the concept to the communities served by Nonotuck in 1987. As group homes were phased out, their residents moved in with families in a shared living relationship and became cherished and respected members of their households and communities.

Caregiving with Love:
Guide for Shared Living Providers

Learn how Nonotuck developed a love-based ideology of care. We started our shared living program as an alternative to group homes for people with disabilities. Instead, Shared Living creates genuine life transformation for people with disabilities, as well as families and communities. The true power of caregiving is found through hospitality, authenticity, and love.

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