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Nonotuck Staff Promotions 2021

Nonotuck Resource Associates is proud to announce the promotion of more than a dozen dedicated staff between January and June 2021.

In January of 2021, Jaimie Doucette of our Brockton office was promoted from the Brockton/Hyde Park Program Director to the Vice President of Residential Services in Eastern/Central Massachusetts. Jaimie has shown dedication, insight, and enthusiasm since starting at Nonotuck in 2015 and her promotion to the Vice President position was a natural next step for her growing leadership.  

In June of 2021, Sindelle Robles of our Lowell office was promoted to Vice President of Adult Family Care (AFC) Services Northeast, MA. Sindelle has nurtured the Northeast AFC program from its infancy and demonstrated tremendous growth, creativity, organization, and collaboration within her program. 

Beginning July of 2021, both Jaimie and Sindelle will be joining Nonotuck’s Executive Team.  

Finally, Kerrie Paradis of our Auburn office has been instrumental in several special projects, including our annual AFC Summit, and has added “Special Projects” to her Program Director title.

Other promotions include:

•         Survy Bortman, RN Quality Coordinator 

•         Ashley Aker, RN Assistant Program Director in Auburn, MA

•         Saoling Chhit, Program Director of AFC Services Northeast, MA

•         Ruben Lopes, Program Director in Brockton, MA

•         Carla Sanchez, Program Director in Sterling, MA

•         Darlyn Nieves, Assistant Program Director in Sterling, MA 

•         Elsa Toro, Assistant Program Director in Auburn, MA

•         Roxana Williams, Assistant Program Director in Auburn, MA 

•         Sochanviphea Loch, RN Assistant Program Director in Northeast, MA 

•         Samantha Chhrech, CM Assistant Program Director in Northeast, MA

•         Danielle Conroy, Full-time Intake Nurse, outreach and marketing in Northeast, MA

•         Kenny Seng, Full-time Intake CM, outreaching and market in Northeast, MA

•         Jannelle Robinson, Full-time Wellness Coordinator 

•         Ryan Gaw, Accounting Manager in Northampton, MA

“Nonotuck has always been an organization that supported its employees through wellness initiatives, yearly raises, values-based services, great health insurance and profit sharing,” says Nonotuck CEO/President George Fleischner. “We’ve now reached a size where employees who work hard and are creative, civil and ambitious can find career paths through promotion.”


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