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Robinson Earns Wellness Certification

Nonotuck Wellness Coordinator Jannelle Robinson recently earned certification as a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) by The Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA). CHWA is an international non-profit dedicated to providing continued education in health, wellness, and chronic disease prevention and management. CHWA educates employers and employees in how to reduce behavior and lifestyle choices that negatively impact health, productivity, and well-being.


CHWA’s mission is to educate employers and employees in how to reduce behavior and lifestyle choices that negatively impact health, productivity, and well-being.

We sat down with Jannelle to talk about what this certification means for her work as Wellness Coordinator at Nonotuck, our own Wellness Initiative


What was something new you learned from the training?

I learned some new ideas for how to effectively communicate with our community about the Wellness Initiative. Nonotuck has so many great benefits and resources that we offer, and one of our current goals is to make sure everyone knows about them! The CCWS training helped me to create a plan for getting the word out.


How do you plan on integrating what you learned into your role as Wellness Coordinator?

The most important way that I will be integrating what I learned from the training into my role as Wellness Coordinator is through the Wellness Committee. With so many opportunities for wellness offerings and education that are happening across Nonotuck, Wellness, HR, and Marketing have teamed up to keep the Wellness Initiative going strong. I think that having the different perspectives from each of these departments will really help us reach more people across our community.


How do you feel upon completion of this process?

I feel excited and energized! I love learning and the process of going through this certification program helped me to generate a lot of new ideas that I am looking forward to bringing back to Nonotuck.


What surprised you the most about what you learned?

I think what surprised me the most was that when it comes to employee well-being, the smallest shifts can have the greatest impact. 


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