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July Monthly Mention

Hello Nonotuck Staff! 
I can hardly believe it has been nearly 5 months since my start date here at Nonotuck. In these 5 months I have had the opportunity to see Nonotuck values in action at each program and hear incredible testimonies about the lives impacted through the work we do.  Wow, how grateful I am to be here with you! 
I have also had the opportunity to familiarize myself with our Nonotuck Personnel Manual and the most frequently asked questions from staff. In order to keep us all brushed up on Nonotuck policies and answer some recurring questions we are starting an exciting *drumroll please* monthly email from HR!
How could email from HR be exciting you ask? I will tell you. 
On June 27th a CARF surveyor held back tears while recounting the words that came from an individual in a home: “Life would not be the same without Nonotuck.”  At Nonotuck we change lives. We do that by Caregiving with Love. And we do THAT by ensuring our staff and organization are well served so they can serve well. That’s where HR comes in. It is our Department’s mission to ensure Nonotuck and its staff are well-served, and that is exciting.  
It’s exciting that we are ever-growing and pioneering new paths in the human service field and that we have years of policies in place that enable us to do the work we do and to do it well. 
Each month we will pick a new Nonotuck policy to mention. This is meant to be a reminder to all in order that we continue to reflect the excellence achieved over the years and honor the policies in place that have enabled us to achieve excellence. Keep an eye out for “Monthly Mentions from the Desk of HR”
July Monthly Mention from the Desk of HR
Nonotuck Policy: Leadership through Kindness and Civility
Nonotucks’s policy on Civility and Leadership Through Kindness define our principles of   work place civility and explains how civility is a foundational element of our leadership philosophy here at Nonotuck. Please take a few minutes to review the attached document.  

Here’s a sneak peek: 
Please send all thoughts and feedback to this Monthly Mention to swenson@nonotuck.com.  Thank you! 

“(Through shared living) people with a disability experience a real transformation and discover confidence in themselves; they discover their capacity to make choices, and also find a certain liberty and above all their dignity as human beings.”

Caregiving with Love:
Guide for Shared Living Providers

Learn how Nonotuck developed a love-based ideology of care. We started our shared living program as an alternative to group homes for people with disabilities. Instead, Shared Living creates genuine life transformation for people with disabilities, as well as families and communities. The true power of caregiving is found through hospitality, authenticity, and love.

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