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How can Nonotuck Help? MassHealth Launches Phase 2 Eligibility Redeterminations Toolkit and Resources

As of April 1, 2023, MassHealth has begun the eligibility redetermination process, renewing all 2.3 million members over the coming 12 months. This is generally the first time members are at risk of losing their coverage since February 2020. 

If you are a currently covered under MassHealth and do not respond to their inquiries or follow renewal instructions, you are at risk of losing your MassHealth services. Nonotuck’s nurses and care managers will be assisting you in monitoring each particular situation, including translation needs, and any other supports. Please review at every home visit or reach out to your team members anytime!

In preparation for this effort, MassHealth has increased staffing significantly to handle a greater volume of calls and applications, improved systems to automatically renew as many members' coverage as possible, and is working in close collaboration with health plans, providers, and other stakeholders. 

MassHealth is also sharing the Phase 2 Redeterminations Outreach Toolkit to help educate members and make sure they are prepared and know how to complete their renewal. This toolkit includes key messages as well as downloadable flyers, posters, and other materials in 9 languages (including Spanish, Khmer, and Portuguese).  

This toolkit also includes materials for specific populations, such as members experiencing homelessness, older adults, or members with disabilities. Additionally, the MassHealth Renewal Help Guide is a new resource for people who interact with members. 

You can learn more about the upcoming redeterminations process at www.mass.gov/masshealthrenew


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