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Help Mel Raise Money for Wells in Africa!

Mel Accetta (pictured above on the left, with his shared living housemate Eric Lincourt), a member of the Nonotuck community in the Berkshires, wants to help build wells to provide clean water for the people of West Africa. Mel was inspired by the missionary work of local nun Sister Linda Wilk, an Adams resident who taught in Dalton for 30 plus years before becoming a missionary.

Mel’s goal is $7,500, and has already raised $2,500 from word of mouth alone. 

Read Mel's words below, and don't forget to donate!

"Dear Peoples, First drink.JPG

Sister Linda is a real and good people.  She be born in Adams Massachusetts and went to Saint Joe's High School in North Adams.  Maybe you know her in person! She is my frend on email.  We send pictures and tell stories. 

Sister Linda and her friend Sister Ruth help children and peoples in West Africa.  It is a true fact that many villeges have no water at all.  They walk miles to carry water back.  Every day.  Children not have enough food. They maybe feel starving.   Nobody shoud feel starving.  We need to help.   

I  promise I get $7,500 dollars to make a well .   it is a lot but we do it!   I will write a Facebook and share pictures And stories so you see for yourself.   she say this is ok to share.  A little or a lot.  Most as you can is a goodness.  

Thank you in advance for your donation.  See my happy kids?  (above, right) We can make more kids in next villege have water too.

Thank you.  Love Mel Accetta."

Donate to help Mel reach his goal of $7,500 today!

“(Through shared living) people with a disability experience a real transformation and discover confidence in themselves; they discover their capacity to make choices, and also find a certain liberty and above all their dignity as human beings.”

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