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2024: What's Your Word?

As we enter the New Year, we have a question for the Nonotuck community: What’s your “word” for 2024? Instead of a New Year’s resolution, what’s one word you’d like to focus on for your own wellness and betterment for 2024?


You can still email your submissions to Joshua Murray (murray@nonotuck.com) and Jannelle Robinson (robinson@nonotuck.com). Videos are encouraged, too!


Nichole Bourke Placement Specialist, Conz Street Northampton

“My ‘word’ for 2024 is ‘contentment.’  I will focus on being satisfied with all life’s simple pleasures.”  


Michelle J Call RN BSN, Harvard

“My word is ‘JOY.’ The definition of joy is: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. 

 I want to find more joy in each moment of my life.  I want to bring joy to others and find the joy each day brings.

It’s the little moments in life that matter most – the day-to-day life can be surprisingly joyful.”


Saoling Chhhit, Vice President of Northeast AFC Services Lowell/Lynn

“My word for 2024 is ‘forward.’ I will try to forget what happened in the past and look forward to the future.”


Jim Donnelly HR Generalist, Northampton

“My word for 2024 is ‘believe:’ I want to believe in myself, believe in others and believe that anything is possible.”


George H. Fleischner, President & CEO

“Here is my word for the year:  meditation, as in reflection.  I plan on taking time this year to meditate or reflect, consider, think about the people I love, and the people I’ve lost.  I want to meditate on who I am and who I want to be.  I want to meditate or consider, reflect on the work we do and how we can do it better.”


Edward Lattrell, Clinician: Conz St., Northampton and Auburn Offices.

 “My word for 2024 is perseverance. 2023 was a very challenging year for myself, some of the people I support and the individuals who support them. With family, work and relationship supports we persevered through 2023. We will continue to in 2024 and beyond.”


Joshua Murray, Marketing Coordinator, Easthampton

“My word for 2024 is ‘slow.’ When the world speeds up, I want to be able to slow down and to respond to situations in a measured and calm manner.”


Gretchen Parker, Human Resources Director, Northampton

“My word will be ‘Intention.’  As I am getting more settled in my position here at Nonotuck and our Department being fully staffed, I would like to start 2024 with projects that are more proactive and done with intention rather than reactive.”


Jannelle Robinson, Wellness Coordinator, Lee

“My word for 2024 is presence. I am letting go of distractions and calling in more moments of being truly present with the people I love.” 


Amanda Stanislas, HR & Payroll Manager, Northampton

“My word for 2024 is ‘peace.’ I am intentionally seeking and discovering more things that bring peace to my days while setting healthy habits and better boundaries.” 


Joshua Whitcomb, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

“My word for 2024 is ‘purpose.’ I am focusing on living life with more of a plan and more intentionality, and not just taking things as they come. I have a vision for what I want out of life, and I’m doing more to make that vision into reality.”


Matthew Wieners, Care Manager, Plymouth

“My word for 2024 is ‘progress.’ I am making a conscious effort to make steady progress in all aspects of my life, including my career, my health, my art and in my personal relationships. As Winston Churchill once said, ‘perfection is the enemy of progress.’ If one strives too hard for perfection, they will often find themselves paralyzed and unable to achieve progress. Small steps are my goal for this year, in order to better myself in every way that I can.” 

“(Through shared living) people with a disability experience a real transformation and discover confidence in themselves; they discover their capacity to make choices, and also find a certain liberty and above all their dignity as human beings.”

Caregiving with Love:
Guide for Shared Living Providers

Learn how Nonotuck developed a love-based ideology of care. We started our shared living program as an alternative to group homes for people with disabilities. Instead, Shared Living creates genuine life transformation for people with disabilities, as well as families and communities. The true power of caregiving is found through hospitality, authenticity, and love.

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